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COBA is pleased to be connected with Heather Clark, from Dominion and Grimm Inc., who sells a range of packing options for turning our honey into precious jewels.  Contact Heather for more information or visit the Dominion and Grimm website.

Bees, Honey, and Supplies:

Kawartha Lakes Honey - Buckhorn
Contact: Jerry Jerrard
Phone: (705) 738-5374
- Nukes and hive top feeders
- Variety of Honey

Honey Extracting Service:

Sweet Dream Honey, Kendal (Honey Extracting Service)
Contact: Steve Lawrence
Phone: (905) 447-9815
- Extracting, Filtering, Settling, Bottling, Labelling
Services include: Extracting, Filtering, Settling Bottling Labelling.  We will give you a process sheet to show your extraction rate. Example of service: Drop off 2 boxes of capped honey -60lbs Extraction of 45lbs Bottled in your jars/lids 48 hours later you will pick up semi dry frames and full jars. Price for above $30 plus HST   We have some jars for sale. 375g, 500g,1kg We are looking to purchase local honey and will work a trade for services rendered.

Bee Equipment:

Dancing Bee Equipment (Cavan/Port Hope)
Contact: Todd Kalisz
Visit website:
Phone: (905) 753-2623

Nucs and queens available. 
Local queens from June until August.
Huge assortment of beekeeping and candle making supplies in stock.


Deer Run Services Beekeeping Supplies

Bobcaygeon, ON

Personalized Labels for Your Honey Jars
Contact: Todd Kalisz
Visit website:
Phone: (905) 753-2623
We can print your Apiary name and more on custom labels.


Land available for hives 
Located at the western border of Peterborough at Lily Lake Rd. and Hwy 28. If interested, please call Bob Horvat at 705-749-1662. 
I am interested in having someone place a hive(s) on my property to assist with pollination. I do not spray and am hoping to continue to avoid spraying despite significant challenges with pest damage to trees and fruit.

I have a mix of apple, pear and plum trees. At least 150 trees flowering now in addition to all of the wild trees on my 39 acres. I have a variety of minor fruit flowering as well including cane fruits, kiwi and vegetable gardens with tomato, peppers and squash/pumpkins. 

There is some alfalfa growing in the hay field. I am planning on adding organic matter to the soil by rotating cover crops of buckwheat, peas and other flowering plants to help fortify the bees' diet.


Swarm Capture:

Beekeepers may be able to assist you in removing unwanted swarms and/or hives from your property.  However, it is important to note that we deal ONLY with honey bees.  We DO NOT remove wasps, hornets or bumble bees.  For wasps or hornets you may need to seek the assistance of pest control.  For bumble bees, please remember that they are important pollinators too. If you can co-exist with them, all the better as they too have an important role to play in our agriculture. Many species of bumble bees are also endangered, so think twice before you reach for that can of Raid.

To help you determine whether you have bees/wasps or hornets, check out the internet for pictures of bumble bees, honey bees, hornets and wasps. Basically, bees are "fuzzy" and wasps/ hornets are smooth and have "skinny waists".

HONEY BEES (with queen bee -- note single bee with different colouring and elongated body):HONEY BEES with QUEEN BEE






HORNET NEST in a TREE:hornet nest

Before you call about a swarm, please check what you are seeing versus the images above. Take a close up picture or short video if you can and send it to one of the contacts below. 

Creekside Farm & Apiary
Contact: Kim Bushby
Phone: (905) 269-0141

Contact:  Jane Fraser
Phone: (705) 745-0679

Sweet Dream Honey, Kendal
Contact: Steve Lawrence
Phone: (905) 447-9815
Before you call:

1.  Take a picture or video, close up the better.

2. Email pictures/ video 

3.  I will identify the insects and make recommendations.

4.  If they are honey bees I will attempt to recolonize them using

5.  I use Minimal deconstruction tools

6.  I also use a Bee friendly vacuum

Swarm removal techniques:

I also use a FLIR heat seeking camera to identify cluster size in walls.

I do removal not reconstruction but can refer to construction people.

Candle making

Silicone Source:

Sculpture Supply Canada
Address: 345 Munster Ave, Toronto, M8Z 3C6
Phone: 866-285-5509

Wick Supplier:

Free Spirit Candles
Address: Box 198, Arden, ON, K0H 1B0
Store Phone: 509-443-8998 or 1-613-335-3769